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Representing Patent Trial & Patent Lawsuit 

Patent Trials

Patent trials,special administrative appeal, is one of the litigation for dispute Industrial property(patent·utility model·design·trademark).

Intellectual Property Tribunal has Patent trials (appeal against decision of rejection, cancellation trial, patent scope identification trial) dealt with.

Separately, Common court has patent infringement suits(requesting for injunction against infringement, compensation for damage, recovery of reputation) dealt with.

(Reference: KIPO)

It would be able to file in the Patent court, appealing against Intellectual Property Tribunal judgment of Intellectual Property Tribunal.
If the problem is not caught Patent court, we will appeal to the Supreme Court.

(Reference: KIPO)

Patent Scope Identification Trial

Revolving around Patent/Utility model/Design/Trademark be judged of that is be invaded or not by Intellectual Property Tribunal.

Patent Scope Identification Trial, can be expanded Civil and/or Criminal Actions against Infringement of Patent, is required to reach the desired consequence.

Cancellation Trial

In the case of infringement litigation and violation status, the invalidity trial is often carried out with the right scope confirmation trial.

Therefore, the invalidity trial is progressed that to defend by the person in the right and to attack by the person in warned of infringement.

In the case of an invalid judgment, the most important thing is what evidence is used to attack/defense.

Sodam handle to divided into procedures for collecting/reviewing evidence and proceeding with judgment using the review results.

Strengths completing SODAM

First of all, SODAM has Attorneys have experience in intellectual property rights for conglomerates.    

Sodam has taken charge of major companies' Application & Registration and litigation for over 20-years so that we served protection of rights for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals .  

In addition to mechanical patent such as laundry machine, refrigerator, and air conditioner, Sodam has been dealing with its practice areas such as mobile phone, TV,  electronic component, and motor control system.    

Secondly, SODAM offers to a professional partner our clients in the field of overseas applications.   

It is indispensable to international application for foundation of export companies.  
As Our professionals we has handle leading conglomerates' International Application cases  for years, SODAM can know how to yield the best outcomes for small and medium-sized enterprises.  

Thirdly, SODAM provides the diverse services including consultation in all its aspects.

 SODAM solves the problems not only in patent attorney aspect, but also in lawyer aspect. This means our professionals are solving the problem our clients get the best of both worlds. SODAM are always growing with our clients.