Practice Areas

Sodam provides clients with the diverse services with experts in various fields of practice.






Foreign Application/PCT/Madrid

Foreign Application

As for Patent/Utility model, Both PCT and Paris Convention application are possible.

As for Trademarks, Both Madrid and Paris Convention application are possible.

As for Design, Both Hague Convention and Paris Convention application are possible.

 Even if clients apply for a patent in Korea, if it want to be recognized in another country. Clients must proceed with the application and registration in that country.

It must be carried out within 12 months from the date of application in Korea. it is not carried out within this period, and if it may not be possible to apply abroad, according to circumstances.

 if Sodam proceeds with domestic application and overseas application, we will discount in cost. 

but if other offices proceeded with domestic application, After checks the details.
We are deciding whether to discount the fee or not.


PCT does not correspond to a Foreign Patent application.

It has to be compared whether applying countries separately or using PCT due to the additional cost. The client must discuss to us how to apply for a patent application.


Madrid Foreign Trademarks Application

 Similar to  PCT, There is an overseas application for the trademark through Madrid Foreign Trademarks Application.

If only one country applies, Madrid’s application fee is rather expensive.
The country selection and trademark to be applied should be consulted with the Patent Attorney.

However, Madrid Foreign Trademarks Application can only be used the trademark is applied KIPO in advance .


Strengths completing SODAM

First of all, SODAM has Attorneys have experience in intellectual property rights for conglomerates.    

Sodam has taken charge of major companies' Application & Registration and litigation for over 20-years so that we served protection of rights for small and medium-sized enterprises and individuals .  

In addition to mechanical patent such as laundry machine, refrigerator, and air conditioner, Sodam has been dealing with its practice areas such as mobile phone, TV,  electronic component, and motor control system.    

Secondly, SODAM offers to a professional partner our clients in the field of overseas applications.   

It is indispensable to international application for foundation of export companies.  
As Our professionals we has handle leading conglomerates' International Application cases  for years, SODAM can know how to yield the best outcomes for small and medium-sized enterprises.  

Thirdly, SODAM provides the diverse services including consultation in all its aspects.

 SODAM solves the problems not only in patent attorney aspect, but also in lawyer aspect. This means our professionals are solving the problem our clients get the best of both worlds. SODAM are always growing with our clients.